Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Saw Another Movie!!!

Well, today a movie called "Hidden Rage" finally arrived at my house. It is a Christian movie about a school shooting and the school shooter is remorseful. The school shooter in my book, "Perfect Forgiveness" was bullied and had a broken home as well as the one in the movie and he also is remorseful. He also almost shoots one of his friends, like the scchool shooter in "Hidden Rage" almost shoots one of his bext friends.

Difference is, things seem to get better. Now they seem to in my book unless you read the tiny parts about the younger boy, Andy. We will see his point of view in my next book. The school shooting that happens in "Perfect Forgiveness" actually makes things worse for him. Maybe people should ask themselves if shooting down a school would actually end bullying or if it would increase bullying towards those who already are.

Hidden Rage was very sad at the end. The school shooter cries over what he did like the one in my book. There is a girl who is nice to him who yells for him to stop adn he tells her to leave, just like my book. Except the girl in my book doesn't leave. In my book there are thee school shooters and the one who lives actually wanted to back out a few times.
Both my book and the movie I saw teach that school shootings have a negative impact and life is about choices. Of course my book doesn't have the sinners prayer it has Baptism (Acts 2:38).

I really enjoyed the Christian rap music during the movie and the action.  Though, I am still more of a Christian rock fan. I also listen to secular music as well.

The movie also had a girl pretending to ask the guy out and my book dose have a girl fake flirting. There are some diffferences, though. The shooter in my book has a brother to take care of and it's like he's inbetween these really bad friends who pressure him into sticking to the plan. Then, there are his other friends who genuinely care for him and want ot be his friends.

Also, the one in my book drops more hints than the one in the movie I saw but is more sublte. In Hidden Rage, the guy tells his friend he's building a bomb. Kirk in Perfect Forgiveness doesn't do that.

So, please go buy "Hidden Rage" if it sounds interesting and there are trailers on Youtube. I didn't write it and didn't know about it untill a few days ago and had to order it.  It is a good redemption story and I like redemption stories.

Please also buy my book "Perfect Forgiveness" at $2.99 here: http://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Forgiveness-Deep-River-ebook/dp/B008055B7E/ref=pd_sim_kstore_1

I really like that this movie and my book speak out against bullying and speak out against tragedies such as school shootings at the same time. Killing yourself or others is never the answer.

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