Monday, January 5, 2015

How to Love/Understand an Extrovert

There are a lot of posts going around about introverts lately. So, I decided to write a post about loving/understanding an extrovert.

Disclaimer: Picture belong to Austin and Ally, Girl Meets World, Frozen, How to Train Your Dragon, Brave, Rise of the Guardians, Beauty and the Beast, Narnia, a Narnia cast picture,  and Lord of the Rings.

1.Understand we are not trying to be annoying. We just want you to be our friend or we already are friends and us extroverts really like you :)

2. Call, text or message us first every now and then. That way we know you like us.
3. Make plans with first every now and then.
4. Know that some of us prefer adventure, art and literature.
 5. Just because we are quiet, does not mean something is always wrong when we are.

6. However, we think something is wrong when you are and really don't mean to...we're just awkward.
7. Reassure us when we are concerned how you feel about us.
Yeah, we're kinda like Riley or ALOT like Riley from Girl Meets World.

8. Be happy for us when we are happy

9. We get depressed  too :(
10. Sometimes, we try to be more reserved.

11. Other times, we just have to...wait for it, wait for it


12. Sometimes we care what other people think of us

13.Sometimes, we don't.

14. Then, there are times we try not to care.

15. Some of us do not want to be around the shallow, self-absorbed  people we are stereotyped as. Do all of us really wanna be like or with Gaston? NO
16. We may have a short attention span, but we really do care.
17. We have our boundaries too.
18. Some of us wish we were introverts, but we just can't stop talking and feeling like we need to be on the go.

 19. We CAN get really tired.
20. After all, we are human.