Saturday, December 22, 2012


Today I watched a movie from the Family Christian store called, "Pivot Point."  It basically is about a boy (Sam)  struggling with homosexuality, a girl struggling with her mom's death, a girl who lost her virgnity and a boy (Lucas)  who is planning a school shooting.

Okay the school shooting at the beginning, that's what would have happened if  Sam  had not picked Lucas up on the way to school on a rainy day.  However, the boy was still bullied and still felt left out. He also liked a girl Sam was close with.

So, what really happened is the shooting was stopped and he got arrested.

He was stopped by the kindness of the Sam  who overcame  his struggle with homosexuality by telling his parents what their neighbor did. The girl whose mom died told on Lucas for bringing a gun to school.
Also, his unloving dad also started to show him love and that's what stopped him

I really think you should watch this, as it puts things into perspective and that's wha tI'm trying to do with my book.

Only the school shooting in my book took the lives of other characters and the characters dying in the beginning of "Pivot Point" was a what-if sort of deal.

I also want to let you know, even though homosexuality is a sin, you need to love people who are gay. Speak to them with gentleness and respect. That's how the Bible says to preach the Word. Only use "strong stuff" when necessary. That means NO WESTBORO BAPTIST methods.  There are so many thing out there that are sin. Homosexuality is NOT the only sin.
Also, just because you think somone of the same sex is good-looking, or got raped by same sex person or just because someone calls you gay does not mean you are.

Somestimes, it's better to just listen. When you've said all you said about any point in the Bible and especially if you've shown verses and people still don't agree, just be patient and keep loving them.

As a young lady who talks way more and inserts foot in mouth or keyboard WAY more than I should, I  still agree that at times it's better to just listen. That's what Job did.

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