Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I would like to share with you some information about  OCD and am using to explain to you what it really is.

OCD is not "I'm a huge fan of Justin Bieber" or "I saw all 3 Narnia movies more than once" or "I want to marry Channing Tatum."

It's also thoughts telling you that you don't like any of those when you do.

The sexual thoughts of OCD are not limited to someone you really are lusting after. If you want to have sex with Harry Styles and think those thoughts, you are lusting. If you don't think he's hot or he isn't neccesarily someone you would want to have sex with or you actually think hes a jerk and butt-ugly then you are not lusting. That is the OCD

BTW I think Harry Styles is very attractive and I <3 his hair.

If you are religious, it also involves constant blasphemous thoughts of the religious figure you follow.

When you have a religion, you have an idea of the consequences of those thoughts and you constantly ask the religious figure you follow to forgive you.

Thing is, Jesus knows your heart.  He will forgive you and I know it seems hopeless and makes you unsure.

If you don't know Jesus give Him a chance.

Believe, Confess, Repent and be Baptized and you will be forgiven.

Also, the thought becomes sin when you actually agree with it.

And if you choose not to be a Christian but still want help from this post on any OCD you may be struggling with,

Just know you are not alone. No, it's not your fault. Nobody put a spell on you, no one is after you and you are not Demon-possesed. You are not gross, stupid or weird.

2-3 million adults and 500,000 kids suffer from this everyday.

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