Monday, July 30, 2012

About My Books

Crowded speaks on bullying and how everybody hurts. It’s about not giving into lust and forgiving yourself. Josh, Cole and Emily learn to keep their focus on God instead of fighting over a girl/ having someone fight over you. Cole is abused, while Josh struggles with his past and doing what’s right. Josh is the bad guy with a heart of gold. Emily is flattered by the flirtations but at the same time, she knows not to enjoy having guys fight over her. In a way Emily does not enjoy Josh’s advances, but in another way she’s flattered. She cares about Cole, but is hurt he sent a sext to another girl.   Honestly, I wish more guys were like Josh in that they try to be stronger Christians and actually have remorse for their actions. Also I try to point out that abuse/bullying can be verbal and physical.

Perfect Forgiveness also speaks on bullying and how far it can drive a person. I also put the focus on how a person should love their enemies and forgive others. I really adore the character of Kirk Williams. He is truly remorseful for the shooting and wanted to back out so badly. I just feel sorry for him. He has a caring, protective side to him but let his hatred for anyone who tormented him overshadow that side of him. He never fit in anywhere.

I am working on a third book in the series. It’s about a Spanglish girl with OCD and Asperger’s and a cute boy who was not always cute. It explores their insecurities and some romance. Stay tuned.  

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