Saturday, May 5, 2012

Okay, let's do this

I'm gonna try to mash up Megan Linksi's "Anything But" characters with mine.
Fan Fic number one:

"Your new cellmate," a gruff voice said, startling Kirk out of his homeowrk assignment for the juvie center's school. It was a skinny, blonde haired boy.Kirk sighed, not wanting to talk to anyone.
He turned back to his work, then the boy cheerfully introduced himself. "Hey, I'm Razberry Sweet. I am am kinda nervous, really don't wanna be here but I don't wanna be in a cell witih someone I can't get along with."

Kirk smiled a little. "Um, Hi. So, why are you here?"
Razberry averted his eyes. "Just made some stupid decision with someon I thought was a friend."
"You and me both. Name's Kirk WIlliams."
Raz's eyes grew big. "Omy gosh! You're not the shooter, are you?"
Kirk felt the chill down his back. Yep, that was  all he will be known as to some. "So...what movies you like?"
"I make movies!" Raz made a camera lens gesture with his hands. "You know, I'm gonna become a big movie director and actor someday."
Kirk smiled. "I hope to make movies someday, too. "
One of the few times he smiled, ever since the shooting. He still got plagued by nightmares. Maybe he and Raz could help each other come to or closer to God and forgive themselves.
"You know what would be cool?" Raz asked.
"If we write movie scripts from the cell?"
"You got it ."

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