Monday, November 7, 2011

Today Was A Fairytale

Ever wish you were a princess? Ever thought you were one? Everyone wants their Cinderella story...but what about Belle. The Beast saved her from wolves, os it's not like he never came to he rrescue. I really liked the part when he turned into a handsome prince. He changed to become a better person and got his looks back, same with Kyle in both Beastly book and movie. I prefered the movie because he actually looked human even as a beast. There's another part in this. The whole aspect of redemption, when someone realizes they were wrong and the concept of not judging by appearances.  In Cinderella 3, the prince actually showed a better side to him and more protective side. The  thing about Belle,/Lindy is the Prince/Kyle brought her out of her shell. She learned to be more caring and really tries doing what's right. I don't want mice as my only friends like Cinderella. I want to be the girl who tries to do the right thing and no matter how trendy I am, substance over style.

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